Why Transparency?

If you cannot see your steps to how you came to your conclusion, or show and convince others, then your hard work is wasted. 

Iron Comps provides a new-age view to an age-old art of valuing farm equipment. This start-of-the-art design isn't just easy on the eyes, it is also intuitively easy to use. You and your team can be up and running in minutes. 

To see a demo of how Iron Comps would look for your team, sign up for a demo to see for yourself. 

Easy to Use

Information is only as good as the decision you make with it.

Some programs are so difficult and complicated to use, most 'users' aren't actually users at all.  Iron Comps has the most advance design and usability of any farm equipment valuation experience. Check it out for yourself!

By taking advantage of Iron Comps free seven day trial, you can see with no risk, why this is actually a tool that you and your team will use every day.

Actionable Reports

Iron Comps has worked with our dealer partners to provide the right type of information for the decisions they have to make, with the time they have to make them. 

Iron Comps takes thousands points of data required for accurate valuations, and distills it down for the high-level decision you need to make, with the ability to expand into the details when you need it. 

Click the button below to access your free account, then go to 'generate report' for any piece of equipment you are interested in to witness how informative yet digestible Iron Comps actually is. 


"I REALLY like having Iron Comps, it has assisted me in quite a few “troubling evaluations”.  I also recently leaned on it to make a key decision to send eight tractors to auction. My boss just asked me how everything is going with Iron Comps and I told him it's the best investment we've made. Thank you for everything!"

— Ron Keyser - Used Equipment Manager, Pape Machinery
“Auctions act like a canary in a coal mine. The better and faster my team can understand auction market signals and trendlines, the better we can predict future trends and make better decisions for current and future inventories."

— Casey Seymour - Re-Marketing Manager, 21st Century Equipment
“I’ve always done a lot of work within the used equipment market. Lately I’ve really used the Iron Comps product on every single trade value that comes in. Whether it be compact tractors, skid steers, mini excavators. The Iron Comps website has it all. It has been a really good product for us." 

“I’d recommend it to anybody who is buying or selling used equipment or any kind of dealer. It has been really good for us valuing trades."

— Austin Boyd - Equipment Dealer, Boyd and Sons Machinery

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